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Words “http://www.penperson.com/”, “this website”, “we”, “our website” and “us” refer to “Pen Person”. Words “you” and “reader/readers” are used to refer users of this website.

Terms and Conditions

We expect our readers to go through our terms & conditions governing the use of website http://www.penperson.com/ and sale of any product or service we might offer in the future. These terms and conditions represent a legal agreement between the website and users of this website.

Registration and Subscription 

We do not offer any registration and subscription services to the users of this website. So, you cannot create an account and subscribe to our website. We might provide these facilities in the future. Till then we are not responsible for anyone claiming to be a representative of Pen Person and using phishing technique to collect your personal information.

Privacy and Data Protection

As the Registration and Subscription section sets out, we do not provide any registration or subscription services. So, we collect no data and also expect users to not to share their personal information with anyone claiming to be a representative of Pen Person. We are not responsible for anyone misusing personal information you share with someone posing as representative of Pen Person.

User Generated Content

Every article published on this website has a comment section. Our users can use the comment section to share their views and interact with Pen Person. You are responsible for the content (comments) you generate on this website. We do not appreciate racial remarks, sexual remarks, religious remarks or any other abusive user generated content. We reserve the right to delete and we will definitely delete abusive user generated content. We also reserve the right to delete promotional and spammy user generated content. It is not our responsibility to protect any kind of personal information you share in the comment section.

Links to Other Websites

Pen Person is not responsible and liable for any kind of misconduct of other websites linked to Pen Person. We are also not responsible for any kind of misconduct by users of this website on websites linked to Pen Person. Pen Person has no third party partner.

Content and Content Ownership 

Logo, some of the images and text published on this website is the property of Pen Person and protected by copyright laws. We publish informative content to educate our readers. We publish after scrutinizing quality and originality of the content. We do our best job in making sure that the content we publish is accurate, original, appropriate and up-to-date. We request our readers to report in the comment section if they find any inaccuracy or irregularity in the content. You can also get connected with us via email or our social media profiles to report content.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

We revise and update our terms and conditions regularly. We request our readers to stay up-to-date with our terms and conditions. We are not liable for any financial or non-financial damages due to you being unaware of our latest terms and policies.

By using our website you acknowledge that you have carefully read our terms and conditions. And, you also agree to enter into a legal agreement governing terms and conditions of using this website.