Google is going to delete mine, yours and everybody’s Google plus account. Google is going to shut down Google+ on April 2. The news of Google shutting down Google+ was first surfaced in October 2018. Got some questions? Google has answered many questions related to Google+ shut down. You can visit the help center and see how can you download your Google+ content because Google is going to delete your Google+ data. In addition to low usage, a massive security bug has pushed Google to make this decision. Knowing the effects of social media on the online presence of a business, how Google+ being shut down is going to affect your business. Google+ Circles have been one of the 200 Google ranking factors. However, this is not going to be a ranking factor anymore.

Despite our beloved Jim Carrey urging people to delete Facebook, this giant is still growing. There were 2.27 billion monthly active users in the third quarter of 2018. By the end of December last year, there were more than 2.32 billion monthly active users. Facebook is too big and so is its marketing potential. Facebook creates more exposure and awareness. You can target more potential customers, develop brand loyalty and increase sale. If you are businessperson, you love these effects of social media on your business.    

What if there are negative reviews and comments on your business page? There are some unwanted effects of social media as well. What if you can turn the tables? Don’t have bad feelings about negative comments and bad reviews. It’s true that negative reviews discourage 94% of customers from making buying decision in your favor. However, this happens when positive feedback is nothing in front of negative feedback. If positive reviews and comments outnumber negative reviews and comments, don’t get hot under the collar. However, do handle negativity on social media in a positive manner. If you are handling this negativity in a negative manner, the effects of social media will be disastrous. 

Here are 12 tips for handling bad reviews on Facebook.

Monitor your reputation on social media

Your reputation on social media can change the way your potential customers perceive your business. Social media marketers are using various techniques and strategies to create a positive image of their clients. Positive reviews can encourage people interested in your brand to be your customers. On the other hand, negative reviews will make you lose your existing customers. When you are promoting your brand on social media, good or bad, you are not immune to the effects of social media. 49% of the customers buy from a seller having at least four-star rating.

If there are some negative reviews and comments on your social media profiles, find out when and where this negativity about your brand is appearing. There are several useful tools you can use to monitor your online reputation such as:

  • Google Alerts
  • Social Mention
  • Hootsuite
  • Trackur
  • SentiOne
  • Reputology
  • Review Push

Never Ignore Negative Reviews

Ignoring negative reviews will hurt your business in the following three ways:

  • Those who are leaving negative reviews are your existing customers. Don’t you want more business from them? Don’t you want to retain your existing customers? Customer defection is something you should reduce, not increase. By not giving attention to negative reviews, you will see an increase in the customer defection rate.
  • 45% of the new buyers love to buy from a seller responding to negative reviews. So, by not responding to bad feedback, you are totally eliminating the possibility of starting a productive conversation with a new customer.
  • Success comes when a business improves customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction comes when a business offers better quality products and services. This can’t be achieved without fixing the flaws you have in your products or services. A customer is upset because there is something wrong from your side. The customer is telling the reason behind his dissatisfaction. You will never know why a customer is abandoning you if you ignore reading negative reviews.

Always reply quickly    

Someone is already frustrated. Don’t make him wait. Maybe the customer is complaining about something. Maybe there is some issue you can easily fix. Address bad reviews promptly. Don’t turn a blind eye to negative reviews for days or weeks. Don’t send a bad signal. You are clearly and openly telling everyone that you don’t care about your customers. Positive communication builds human relationships. SurveyMonkey conducted a survey and revealed that 73% of the customers in the US see how quickly a seller responds to negative feedback. So, respond quickly.

Don’t delete negative comments

Complaints are meant to be addressed and resolved. You might be getting some negative comments on your Facebook profile. Deleting a negative comment is the best way to remove it from the sight of other customers. However, still there is at least one person who knows that there was a negative comment. You have already lost a customer. If you are running a local business, this can be really bad for you. Your business can be a victim of words of mouth. You will lose more than one customer.                

Always express your gratitude

Every negative comment or review your customer posts gives you an opportunity to learn how, why and where you are wrong. Even when the customer is expressing his displeasure, you are being given a chance to make it right.   

Have you heard of the customer journey map? Learn about it. Creating a customer journey map and materializing it will help you in improving your business practices. You are receiving some negative feedback because the customer is having a negative experience. Including negative experiences in the customer journey map will make the map more beneficial for your business.

The angry customers are doing you a favor. Interact with them. Express your gratitude. Let an angry customer tell you what you need to fix.

Try to take it to some other channel

Obviously, your first reply should be public, just like the negative review. However, from that point, take the complainant to some other channel such as private chat, email, phone, direct message or phone.

Show respect

The customer is already not pleased with you. He has already had a bad experience. Being disrespectful is not going to help. Don’t be insulting. Don’t be rude or dismissive. Don’t make it worst. Being polite, focused, and understanding can bring the ball back in your court.

Apologize properly

Sometimes, everything is alright from your side and you don’t want to take the blame. However, one thing is true. He is your customer and he is not happy with you. You are at a point from where you can nullify the consequences of negative feedback and even make the customer come back. Or, you can make the customer turn his back on you and encourage a few others to do so.  You can turn the tide in your favor with a sincere apology. Apologize for the inconvenience or poor experience.      

Don’t play the game

Let the customer blame it on you. You don’t do that. Even when you are not at fault, don’t do that. The customer has expressed his displeasure. His part is done. It is your problem now. Fix it for the customer.          

Don’t argue

Avoid arguing if you think that someone is deliberately misrepresenting facts. Don’t be at each other’s throats. You are supposed to help. Don’t frustrate the customer.

Encourage your customer to update his feedback

You have fixed the issue and the customer is satisfied now. It’s time to ask him to update his review. You had a customer who was complaining. Now you have a happy and satisfied customer. Encourage the customer to reflect his satisfaction in his review. Let him help you in improving the image of your company.                 

Try to get fake reviews removed

Every informed customer knows that businesses often hire professional writers to write fake reviews. Even when posting fake reviews is unethical, many businesses are buying fake reviews. You know that you have a satisfied clientele. If you feel that all the negative reviews are fake, contact the review platform and get fake reviews removed. Posting fake reviews on these platforms is anyway policy violation.

You can save your growing business from taking a nosedive by keeping the bad effects of social media on your business at bay.   

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