As an average homeowner, you can do some minor repairs and replacements. However, you should keep safety in mind. Don’t even think about fixing electrical problems you don’t understand. Never play with electricity. A professional electrician is equipped with experience, training and tools to offer different types of services. Professional electricians offer at least 5 types of electrical services listed in this article. Whether you are residential client or a commercial client, you should look for a 24 hour electrician serving residential, commercial and industrial clients. Following are the five types of services every professional electrician offers:

  1. Electrical installation services
  2. Electrical repair services
  3. Electrical Replacements and Upgrades Services
  4. Electrical inspection services
  5. Electrical emergency services

Electrical Installation Services

An electrician can offer other services only when wiring, electrical outlets, fixtures, circuit boards, panels and other electrical items are installed in the property. The electrician should be able to offer the best quality workmanship. He should be aware of the performance standards and all possible hazards.

Moreover, electrical installations requirements in the modern houses are changed now. If you want to live a life of luxury in your new house, it takes a different level of specialization to set up home automation systems.

You should make sure that the electrician is able to comply with the local electrical codes. Complying with safety practice requirements will reduce short-circuit, fire and other risks during installation and in the future. Always find a licensed electrician for electrical installation.  

Electrical Repair Services

From wiring and panels to electrical outlets, the electrician should be able to offer all-inclusive electrical repair services. No electrician can fix an issue without spotting the cause of the issue. Especially in the case of a commercial project, the electrician should identify the cause and fix it immediately. Delays in repair affect the productivity because almost all machines are running on electricity. Whether you need to hire an electrician for doing some repair work at home, in office or some industrial plant, the electrician can’t take any safety risk. You are hiring him to fix something not to break something that is already working. From ceiling fan to kitchen appliances, the electrician should be able to repair a lot of electronic items.

Electrical Replacements and Upgrades Services

Some electric items are too damaged to repair. So, the electrician should be able to replace the damaged part of an item or the entire item if required. Even a slightly damaged or worn out part or component of an appliance or any other electric item can cause an accident. If something is on the verge of breaking down, the electrician should replace it immediately. Modern electrical systems and devices are more energy efficient and safe. The electrician should recommend the right upgrades.                    

Electrical Inspection Services

Electrical inspection services are usually hired by homeowners moving to their new homes. A thorough electrical inspection includes a thorough examination of the entire electrical system in homes or offices. This is done to make sure that the entire electrical system is meeting the legal safety standards. At the end of the electrical inspection, the electrician provides a complete inspection report to the new home owner. This report contains a checklist of potential upgrades, improvement recommendations and any other areas in need of immediate attention. You should hire an electrician for electrical inspection when:

  • Buying a new home
  • The house or office is 40 years or older
  • Adding a new appliance
  • A major home renovation is done

The electrical inspector:

  • Ensures electrical safety
  • Identifies electrical mistakes
  • Recognizes faulty and outdated wiring
  • Identifies degraded electrical wiring and components
  • Spots fuses or anything else that can lead to fire
  • Corrects fire and safety hazards
  • Helps in reducing energy costs and saving energy            

Electrical Emergency Services

Lights, fans and appliances become of no use when the electrical system fails. This is an electrical emergency. You need to find an emergency electrician who can fix the electrical system quickly. Electrical emergencies cause a lot more than inconvenience; it can pose many serious safety threats. Some of the electrical emergencies are:

  • Electrical fires    
  • Wire damage
  • A power outage
  • An overloaded outlet

Save the contact details of a local 24 hour electrician in your phone. An electrical emergency can occur anytime.

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