role of human resource management

What Is Human Resource Management And Roles Of Human Resource Management?

What is human resource management? Let’s start with an example. We need some resources to accomplish any task. Our body needs food, water and oxygen to carry out various biological processes such as digestion, excretion, respiratory response and non-biological processes such as writing. Our body needs energy for that. The human body uses these resources (food, water and oxygen) to…

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Characteristics Of Living Organisms

What Are The Characteristics Of Living Organisms?

The world we are living in is amazing. We see numerous living beings on land, in sky and in deep sea. Shape, size, color and there are many other features differentiating one living organism from other living organism. Many creatures share basic features. Similarly, some creatures are totally different. Some of them are having incredible ability to change their color…

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student mistakes

How Learning From Mistakes Can Help Students In Improving Their Performances?

Whether small or big, intentional or unintentional, consequences of mistakes we make are actually valuable lessons. Mistakes, when not repeated, are a part of the learning process. Though, we learn throughout the life span, learning that shapes career and life of a person happens during the student life. Even though mistakes in our educational system lead to some sort of…

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